Chrysler Jefferson Plant Complex

12200 E Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48215

Founded: 1908, Closed: February 1990

This sprawling complex of factory buildings was a principle manufacturing facility for the Chalmers-Detroit and Chalmers Motor Company in 1908-1917; for the Maxwell Motor Motor Car Company in 1917-1925; and for the Chrysler Corporation in 1925-1990. It was one of Chrysler's most important wartime plants, building a wide range of products. The facility closed in 1990 and was demolished in 1991. Today, Chrysler still operates a factory on the site, known as Jefferson North.

Made before the war:
  • Chalmers and Maxwell automobiles until 1925
  • Complete Chrysler line, and occasionally De Soto up until closure
Made during the war:
  • 119,814 industrial engines
  • 21.131 marine engines
  • 9,965 multi-bank engines
  • 1,994 submarine nets
  • 8,228 marine tractors
  • 20,404 fire apparatus for use on ships
  • Sea Mule" Harbor Tug
  • 9,002 pontoons
  • 1,550 search light reflectors
  • 352 air raid sirens
  • 253 smoke screens
  • Wartime production included wings for Curtis-Wright airplanes and parts for the B-26 Martin "Marauder" bomber.
Made after the war:
  • Chrysler Imperial
  • De Soto
  • K-Cars (Dodge Aries and Plymouth Reliant)
  • Dodge Omni
  • Plymouth Horizon

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